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.Netsq 4 lyf

We are a group based in Cleveland, Ohio Established on May the 12th , 2013.  Introductions aren't my strong suite, but I'm Zoekn! I've been making music for years and coding since the womb.  I am the primary writer of the group, the other kind individual is the talent. Now let me reiterate back one that, I code, write music, and fuck bitches... But not really, because, fuck that requires effort.

I'll go ahead and let the other half speak for themselves;

I shall introduce myself as Reaper; the other half of .Netsq. I have been involved with music since the womb as well. What began as a mild interest turned into a wild obsession. Sound has been and will always be my life. I drum, product music, and enjoy the company of the females.

.Netsq Coming At you with mad sounds and dope rhymes.